Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's Fabulous Moment of the Day

This technically didn't happen on Monday...but I didn't really have anything that fabulous today to mention...
So Saturday, despite my headache, I hung out with some friends and somehow at the end of the night Wendy and I were on the ground having an "Indian Leg Wrestling Match". There were pictures taken...but they WILL NOT be posted ANYWHERE. Let's just say we're getting old. Wendy with her with my headaches. We managed to make fools of ourselves which somehow always happens when we are together! It was pretty random...but pretty fabulous.

The Lobb's Are Coming!

The Lobb's are coming to Austin!!! I seriously can't wait! They will be here Friday and spend the weekend here.
The Lobb's have been such a HUGE part of my life. They have been my second family, and they have been such a huge support for me. I'm excited for them to be here and to show them my life here. They are also the ones that gave me the truck. You can read the story here. Since I got a new car...they are also coming to take the truck back to Iowa. To be makes me a little sad. I'm going to have to spend some quality time with my truck this week!
But seriously, I'm so excited for them to be here. It seems that we laugh a lot when we are together. (big surprise right?!) I told Sharon to pack some depends.
I love them!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here's a classic "shh...momma's here" moment. I believe this was at our Beautiful Feet CD release party back in 2000 or 2001.
I told the "shhh...momma's here" story to my cousin Gretchen who, of course, thought it was hilarious. So I went up to Zach and told him that he needed to go over to her and do "shhh...momma's here", even though they had NEVER met. He did...and it was hilarious! And here is the picture...
It never gets old. SO funny!


You are kidding me right?!
I got home to this picture in my email.
What up dawg!? My nephew is kickin' it. He knows how to work it.
They were in a clothing store and this is what he picked out. He said, "Oh yeah, this hat feels good."
All I'm sayin' is that Laura and Joe have and will continue to have their hands full with this one.
I LOVE it.
I guess today was picture day at school and he wanted to give the "rock n' roll sign". My sister was like, "um...NO."
He thought that maybe he could sneak it in at the last minute before the flash goes off.
Joe Jr. Yes he is a little Joe Jr.
We'll see what he comes home with when the pictures get in! I think it would be absolutely awesome. But Laura doesn't agree.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Love the Bassoon. Deal with It.

I love my apartment.
We have a high school football field just down the street.
We can hear the crowd cheering and the marching band playing. I LOVE it!
It brings back some memories of the City High Little Hawk marching band.
Something some of you may not know about that I used to play the bassoon. I played the bassoon for 6 years. I started out playing the clarinet...but in 7th grade my band instructor suggested that I play the bassoon because I had big hands.
That is NOT something you want someone telling you in 7th grade. Plus it's not the coolest instrument in the 7th grade. It's large and awkward.
But I did it.
Anyway...along comes high school and marching band.
They don't march the double reed instruments. So I had to decide if I wanted to play the clarinet or be in the pit.
Since I hadn't played the clarinet in awhile and really couldn't play it to begin with...I decided to do the pit. Being in the pit meant...slacking off and no marching. Excellent!
So I got to play the marimba and the suspended cymbal. I think I even played the gong at one point.
I really like the bassoon, and actually miss it a lot. A few years ago, my friend Laura Hirschey was in a girls group that I lead and after awhile found out that she was a bassoon major! WHAT?! Awesome. She even had two bassoons and one night she brought them when we were all hanging out and we did a duet. It was awesome...and I still remembered how to play. It was probably the coolest party ever. Here is a picture to prove it.This is such a random post. Sorry.
To be even more random...I'm posting a video I found of a bassoon quintet doing Super Mario. If you make it that far, my favorite part is when one of the guys starts "beatboxing". wow. what?!

It's random. Deal with it.
You know you love the bassoon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pioneer Woman

So I am a huge fan of the Pioneer Woman. So many of my friends love her and I have gotten hooked. My love was confirmed today when she did a post on how she loves milk.
I love milk.
She mentioned that she will be posting a recipe for chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.
I love chocolate chip cookies.
LOVE it.


My sister is doing a give-away over at the Things With Wings blog. It's a really cool journal. I really want it, but I guess I'm not allowed to be picked since I'm technically part of the Things With Wings crew. bummer.
But you all go over and leave a comment and then she will draw a name and if it's your name you get it!
Then...maybe if you get could give it to me...or not. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Divine Romance

I'm lovin' this song and I'm lovin' Phil Wickham.
Be blessed...

Divine Romance
The fullness of Your grace is here with me
The richness of Your beauty's all I see
The brightness of Your glory has arrived
In Your presence God, I'm completely satisfied

For You I sing I dance
I rejoice in this divine romance
Lift my heart and my hands
To show my love, to show my love

A deep deep flood, an Ocean flows from You
Of deep deep love, yeah it's filling up the room
Your innocent blood, has washed my guilty life
In Your presence God, I'm completely satisfied

Monday's Fabulous Moment of the Day:

My friend Jen has decided to do a "Monday's Fabulous Moment of the Day" series, just like I do a "Flashback Friday".
She decided that especially on Monday''s important to seek out the fabulousness of the day.
You can check out her blog for her "Monday's Fabulous Moment of the Day". Which I can actually relate to.
I've decided to join her...this was her advice:
rule #1...if a fabulous moment doesn't come, force it. any randomness on your part which causes awkwardness for someone else ALWAYS brings about a fabulous moment.
Well, my Monday's Fabulous Moment of the Day came by no force on my part.
As I was leaving for work today, happy to be out and free to go home and relax, I was walking past the elevator door which happened to be opening at the same exact time I was passing by.
I was in my own world...daydreaming of what my evening will be.
When this huge white dog comes out of the elevator at me. He was accompanied by an older gentleman.
I then proceed to say a loud "OH MY GOSH!" while I was trying to get my heart going again and as I was envisioning the huge white psycho polar bear from LOST. I really thought that's what it was. Seriously...this dog was huge white and hairy. I love dogs...I love BIG dogs...but this thing looked psycho.
The older gentleman laughed and kept going. I quickly walked away thankful for my life and that it indeed was just a psycho looking dog and not a huge white psycho polar bear from LOST.

Sweet Boys

So I was talking to my sister Jill last night and the boys were wanting to talk to me I talked to Will who surprisingly had a lot to say. Usually he really wants to talk to me and then once he gets on the phone he doesn't have much to say, I usually get one word answers when I ask questions. But he was very talkative this time...and I loved it!
My mom and sisters had a big art show this weekend and it went really well...their best show ever! YES!
So Will mentioned that they should use the money to buy plane tickets to Texas. YES!!! I COMPLETELY agree. I guess with almost tears in his eyes he said that he was missing me...oh...break my heart!
So I get done talking to Will and Sam is next. Here is our conversation:

Sam: Hello?
Me: Hi Sam!
Sam: How did you know it was me?
Me: I knew it was you...Will told me you wanted to say hi, and I recognized your voice! How are you?
Sam: Good.
Me: I miss you and I wish that I could give you a big hug.
Sam: Me too. I wish that you had a family.
(oh boy, here we go...)
Me: I wish that I did'll have to keep praying about that.
Sam: Yeah, you should marry a dad and then a couple days later get your kids at the hospital.
Me: That sounds like a good idea!
Sam: You'll have boys, what will you name them?
Me: Ooo...I don't know. Do you have any ideas?
Sam: No. I can't think of anything.
Me: Well, when I do have a family you'll have to play with them.
Sam: Ok.
Me: Keep praying Sam!

I don't know where he gets this stuff! Hilarious. He's so sweet!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a Natural Ballerina

So I think I might be on to something.
I had my first ballet class. No tutus were involved...not yet anyway.
It was AWESOME! There were 4 of us plus Melissa (the instructor).
We worked on different positions and then we even did some jumps and leaps. It was pretty amazing!
Melissa told me that I was a natural. YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' about!
When we were doing our stretching at the end of the class Melissa was doing the splits...we are all NOT flexible and so we just all looked at each other and laughed. Then came the quote of the day... "Is it possible to do that, this late in life!?"--in reference to the splits.
It was hilarious.
I'm already's a great workout! I think that we are even going to learn some combinations. (I've learned that in ballet you do not call them routines...they are combinations)
I'm still determined to, at some point, wear a tutu.
It will happen...I promise.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here is a classic event from the "Beautiful Feet" days. While we were setting up our gear Nox I'm sure did something annoying and so we caught him...Kim grabbed the ducktape...I laughed...and we duck taped him to the pole. Then Tim Rosenau (now plays with TobyMac) gave Nox the biggest wedgie in history. Yes that is his underwear you can see in Rosenau's hand.Sorry Nox. I'm not sure what you were doing that was so annoying...but I'm pretty sure you deserved it!

God of Justice

My church, Austin Stone, is in the middle of the vision series that happens every year where we talk about what our church is about and where we are heading and what God is calling us to. God is doing something huge in Austin, He's doing something HUGE in the lives of the people here, He's doing something HUGE in the world.
We are talking about how we are a church for the city. God is breaking down a lot of barriers and He is really calling us to a radical change of lifestyle, a radical change of heart. To look at the bible and to really follow and live it out.
Here is a video that was played at the beginning of the series.

You can also listen to the messages on the website here. Or on itunes here.
My heart is growing more and more for this city and it's growing more and more for the world. My heart is breaking for those people who don't know Him and I want to see lives change and see Jesus living in the people in the entire city of Austin. God is up to something. Something BIG.

God of Justice-Tim Hughes

God of Justice, Saviour to all

Came to rescue the weak and the poor
Chose to serve and not be served

Jesus, You have called us
Freely we've received
Now freely we will give

We must go live to feed the hungry
Stand beside the broken
We must go
Stepping forward keep us from just singing
Move us into action
We must go

To act justly everyday
Loving mercy in every way
Walking humbly before You God

You have shown us, what You require
Freely we've received
Now freely we will give

Fill us up and send us out
Fill us up and send us out
Fill us up and send us out Lord

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Sweet Little Prayer

My sister Jill called me last night to tell me that during the kids' prayer time Sam prayed for me.
He prayed that I would find some boys, get married and have a family.
How sweet is that? And apparently he thinks it takes more than one boy!
I know...I know, I am praying too. I know my mom is praying...and my sisters...and now my nephew! Maybe it just takes the sweet prayers of children!
When I was back home in July, we had a big family discussion about it. (NOT my idea) Sam wasn't around for that conversation...but at one point while I was back he asked me about it and the conversation went something like this:

Sam: Where is your family?
Me: Right are all my family.
Sam: No, I mean where is YOUR family?
Me: I don't have a family yet.
Sam: Where are your kids?
Me: I don't have kids yet. I need to get married first.
Sam: Where's your guy?
Me: I don't have a guy yet. Hopefully some day!
Then he was off to go play!

This is not the first time that I have had these discussions with little kids. A girl I babysit for asks me...about...EVERY time I babysit, if I'm a mommy...or if I have a boyfriend. It usually ends with..."your old and you don't have a boyfriend!?"
I'm not THAT old! c'mon little one!
Anyway...It's nice to know that people...even little people are concerned and praying for my future!

My sister Laura just reminded me that Jack WAS in on the family discussion while I was back and his advice was to NOT do

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you lived in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's?
There have been times when I've even wondered what I would look like if I had blond hair.
or times when I've wondered what I would look like as an African American.
Now I can...
Yearbook yourself.
You may want to grab your depends...
Let's go back to the 50's...

1978...(Dara I think I've got you beat on this one!)

Good Morning!

This morning.
This was NOT how I wanted to start my morning.
It was dead, it was upside down...but that didn't stop me from squealing and whining.
I quickly shut the door to my shower and tried to walk through what to do.
I knew that Travis had come over early to see Hilary before work and so I thought about running out and grabbing him to get it for me...but then I decided that he may not be ready for my morning bed head.
I gave myself a quick pep talk and told myself that I could handle this guy since he was dead.
I decided to try the "turn on the water, make sure he's dead by drowning him and let him go down the drain" approach.
Let me just say once again that he was HUUUGE.
He didn't fit down the drain.
That's how big we are talking.
So I went with plan B which was NOT to go out and get Travis with my bed head.
I grabbed the toilet paper and got the biggest wad I could get and went in after him. Squealing the entire way. As I was holding on to him his antenae's were sticking out from the wad and they were moving. Either he was still alive or they were just moving from me moving...but either way I did more squealing and threw him into the toilet and flushed.
I do have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for handling this big guy.
It was really scary and gross, and I would prefer to not have to go through that again. But then again...I have dealt with rats...and I'm not sure which is worse. They are both pretty bad. ewww...UGH!
Not a fun way to start the morning.
I should have taken a picture...but I was still sleepy and too scared.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Hawks!

The Iowa Hawkeyes won against their rival, the Iowa State Cyclones, on Saturday. Here is a pic from my sisters blog of miss Lily being a cheerleader...the CUTEST cheerleader in the world.She calls the cyclones...cyclowns. I WILL be using this with my friend Wendy who you all know and love from Maid-Rite Friday. We are both from Iowa...but yet our friendship is torn apart by our loyalty to our teams, the Hawkeyes and the Cyclones. She calls me a Squakeye. I will now call her a cyclown.
We went to a sports bar on Saturday to watch the game...which ended up being an IOWA STATE ALUMNI gathering.
The room was full of red and gold.She got a little "Cy" squeeze thing...She thought it was all pretty funny...At first I told her that she owed me big time. I was representing though...But then I decided that I would be a loving friend and that she didn't owe me anything. GRACE. I was just showing her GRACE.We ended up winning!! GO HAWKS!! Which was excellent. There were 4 of us Hawkeyes amidst all of the Cyclowns...I mean Cyclones. It was great!
I had called my bro-in-law at the beginning of the game, who is a HUGE hawkeye fan, to let him know the situation that I was in...being surround by IA State fans. His response...
"You are calling during the Iowa game what do you want?"
"Joe...I'm surrounded...I'm surrounded by Red and Gold and Cyclones"
"What? What are you doing? Abort...get out of there fast as you can."
My sister posted some pics of what he is like during the game. check it out here.
He usually gets up several times either jumping up and down, running around in circles or beating his head. He has been known to do some fast claps too. We like making fun of him quite a bit.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Maid-Rite Invite

So we decided to open it up to whoever can handle it...

(ps...Wendy and I had just gotten done watching Iowa beat Iowa State in football. Wendy being a Cyclone and I being a Hawkeye...we have to give each other a lot of grace.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here is classic Noah quote from my sister:

""You know what I heard? I heard if you have a uni-brow, it means you're REALLY smart."

Flashback Friday

Here are a couple of pictures that I absolutely LOVE! One of my dad and I and then one of my mom and I, when I was a little one. So sweet!

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Shoes

Some Love

I got some love in the mail today...It pretty much made my day.
The Handsome Brown Boys:
McCarraghers...get on it...I need some love from your house too!

Blessed, So Blessed

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to lead worship at a women's event that we had through the Austin Stone. It was an amazing night. Jen Hatmaker came to speak and it was awesome.
My friend Kate played keys, I am so blessed by her!
Here are a few pictures of the night...
Jen, Kate and I with Jen Hatmaker
When I was loading up the stuff in my car I completely biffed it. I was completely on the was hilarious. I did wait...on the ground...for a few seconds, afraid that I had broken my ankle, but I talked myself into just walkin' it out...I gave myself a little pep talk..."Get'll be fine...walk it out...keep going..."
I got up, looked...and saw a balcony full of construction workers who quickly looked away when we made eye contact.
Great. I had an audience.
Here is a reenactment photo...Nice.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beyond Belief

Synopsis from Beyond Belief website:

Susan Retik and Patti Quigley are two ordinary soccer moms living in the affluent suburbs of Boston until tragedy strikes. Rather than turning inwards, grief compels these women to focus on the country where the terrorists who took their husbands' lives were trained: Afghanistan.

Over the course of two years, as they cope with loss and struggle to raise their families as single mothers, these extraordinary women dedicate themselves to empowering Afghan widows whose lives have been ravaged by decades of war, poverty and oppression - factors they consider to be the root causes of terrorism. As Susan and Patti make the courageous journey from their comfortable neighborhoods to the most desperate Afghan villages, they discover a powerful bond with each other, an unlikely kinship with widows halfway around the world, and a profound way to move beyond tragedy.

From the ruins of the World Trade Center to those of Kabul and back, theirs is a journey of personal strength and international reconciliation, and a testament to the vision that peace can be forged... one woman at a time.

(HT: Anna)

Remember 9/11

(HT Zach)


Vote for my friend David Ramirez. If he gets in the top 10 after this round he gets to move on to compete to play at the ACL festival.
Vote here and make sure to confirm when you get the email.
you can also use multiple email addresses.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Galatians, Sewing and Tutus

So I'm really looking forward to some things coming up.

1. I'm taking a class at church on Galatians that is taught by the beautiful Kimberly Stewart. We already had one class and the homework has been AMAZING. I'm excited to grow! I also love that I am surrounded by amazing beauty in these women who are taking the class with me.

2. I'm hopefully going to be taking a sewing class. The beautiful Robie Dodson, who I met at Kimberly's baby shower, teaches sewing classes! Charlotte and I are going to look into getting a group together! I'm really excited! Watch out...I WILL learn how to make cute stuff.

3. This one is a little silly and crazy...I think I am going to be taking a ballet class. I know you are picturing me in a tutu and you are laughing. I am too. But thankfully tutus and tights are NOT required. My beautiful friend Melissa is a ballerina and will be teaching a class for her friends who have always wanted to be dancers! How fun is that?! I think I will laugh a lot. I'm planning on bringing my camera because I'm counting on there being some good pictures...mostly of me not being able to touch my toes and me not being able to get back up after a one of those little squat positions...whatever they're called. Or maybe for fun I will actually show up in a tutu! THAT would be worth taking a picture of!

Monday, September 08, 2008


I'm a fan of Chick-fil-A.
This is what I saw the other day when I stopped for lunch...This is what he ended up doing when no one was around. I don't blame him since it was 100 degrees out.So random. so funny.