Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Ouchy Mama!"

As I was sorting through my things, getting ready for the move, I came across my "evangecube"! Awhile back a group of us went to San Antonio, TX for missions trip. We receieved this tool to use in talking to people about Jesus. It walks through the "steps to salvation". It's actually a pretty cool way of talking through it. Especially for kids or for people you don't speak English very well. Anyway, my nephew Noah (who is 5 years old), LOVED it! He not only loved playing with it because you can open it up and turn the pictures around, but he loved talking through each step. He was doing really good with it, and really understanding it. It was so cool! This is what he would say, "There's man and there's God, and Jesus came and died on the cross, they put him in the tomb. And then he came out. And someday we can go to heaven and we can be friends with God."
It was so precious! Later he was showing my sister, and walking through each step.

There is a picture of flames to represent hell, and he asked about it. We were trying to explain that it was a bad place and that is where people go if they don't know Jesus. He looked at it and said "Ouchy mama! "
It was hilarious! Exactly..."Ouchy mama!" Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sauerkraut Days/Heritage Days, Solon Beef Days

I love small town festivals. Not too long ago I attended what was originally going to be the Sauerkraut Days to see a friend play in his band, but he was actually playing at Heritage Days, not Sauerkraut Days. I was a little disappointed, I do like Sauerkraut and I love that there was a festival in it's honor, but Heritage Days had it's very own fun!! Here are a few pics...

Jenna and I
(some say we're sisters, some think we're the same person, we just kind of look alike I guess!)

Andrew's band- South of 80
Some sweet fireworks!
We were right underneath them, I have never been so close to fireworks before, it was amazing!
Sorry Mike and Bill for making you sit through them, but they are pretty!Jenna looking extremely cool with Andrew's bass drum! We were roadies...sort of ! We wrapped a couple of cords and ...carried a bass drum!
So tonight Sharon and I went to the Solon Beef Days! Again, quite the experience...there was another sighting...of The King...

Check out those moves and check out those lips!
I do have to say that this guy was pretty good...not like the other Elvis I saw down at the Ped Mall. This guy had a great voice and had all of the moves down! Including lots of hip stuff! Sharon and I ended up sitting towards the front on the grass with a bunch of kids. Being that close made me a little nervous and I tried hard not to make eye contact, but it happened...Elvis and I had a moment where we made eye contact and he winked at me! I think I can see why all of the ladies, back in the day, went crazy for him!

This guy had to be a hard core fan back in the day...he was sitting right up front with his camera (okay, so I was sitting way up front and I had my camera too) but check out his shirt...
I think I need to get a shirt like that! I mean, having two Elvis sightings in 3 days...maybe I'm supposed to go live in Memphis! (i don't think so!)

Saturday, July 22, 2006


These days I have felt weak and have been wondering where the strength is that I've been praying for, and that my people are praying for. I was sitting at work this last week and it's great because I get to listen to the radio by my desk. What is even better is that I have it turned to the Christian radio station (as cheesy as it is sometimes, it is better than nothing!). God is good in that my friend Emily, who I work with, and I have been able to keep it on the christian radio station and be encouraged by it throughout the day and also pray that others would hear too. Anyway, Chris Tomlin's song came on Holy Is the Lord. It's one that has become so familiar to me that I hardly ever really listen to the words. I have sung it over and over again and has gotten to be one of those "ordinary" worship songs. So anyway, I started listening to it and God hit me with this line "For the joy of the Lord is our strength" Nehemiah 8:10 says, "Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength."
That is what I prayed for, for strength. But what I had forgotten was that simple truth. The joy of the Lord.
To have joy in the Lord is to be in His presence and to be found in Him and when we are in Him that is when we will experience the fullness of His joy which then gives strength.
Am I delighting in God? Am I finding joy in Him to give me strength? Am I fully living in Him?
What does that even look like?
What was just an "ordinary song" turned out to be a monument for me to say 'The joy of the Lord is my strength!"

I saw "The King"!

This has got to be one of the funniest things that I have seen in awhile. I am going to miss the Ped Mall so much! You can always find interesting things going on. Like this...

As Kinsey, Jenna and I were walking to have dinner we come across "The King"! It was funny to see that there were actually a couple of ladies, (you can see one in this picture with the hat on) that were LOVING it! Even dancing and singing along to "Hound Dog". Then you have the usual Ped Mall crowd, the people that basically live down there and probably not Elvis fans, just sitting around with faces on that were priceless. Looking like "what in the world is happening!".
There was a moment that Elvis and I made eye contact and it was scary!
We weren't sure if we would still be able to eat after seeing how tight his jumpsuit was!
Oh the Ped Mall! I'm glad Jenna had her camera! Way to go photographer friend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


My heart is heavy as I think of what will take place in almost 2 weeks. It is what I have been on my knees and crying out to the Lord about for the last year and a half. It is amazing to think back to December 2004 when God first laid Austin on my heart. The circumstances around that time are ones that were difficult to bear, but as this was laid on my heart it seemed that it was a little light into God's plan. I wasn't sure why, or what or how any of it would happen, but it was amazing when I opened my hands and threw it up in the air, saying "GOD I need You, I need you to take this from me and do what You want with it. I am willing, I surrender my own plan, I surrender my life and my own will, so that You can come in and take the place that I have filled with self. So that You can come in and lead me and challenge me in ways that I can't even comprehend, that are so far from my knowledge that I can't help but let you take control."
It seems that I have entered into the sleepless nights. Tired filled days, busy weeks, fast weekends. My mind starts to race and my stomach turns as I think about how out of control I am of all of this. I want so badly to stop the time, slow it down, but I can't. I find myself in a "funk". I knew this time would come. I've been in the desert, the wasteland, the waiting period. The stretch of time when you feel like God is not moving, or doing ANYTHING. We all have those times. It happens after God does cool things, and right before He does cool things. What is interesting, that we seem to easily forget, is that this in between time... even though we can't see it or feel it, He is doing His cool God thing and preparing us, growing us, making us stronger for something coming up! That is cool!
My heart has been heavy and I feel like I could get an ulcer before this is all said and done!
There are just the minor things that still need to fall into place like...a place to live...a job! You know the minor things!
One thing I do know is that we are leaving in about 16 days and I haven't started packing yet. I think God is laughing at me. It seems that I want to try and control the things that I can't control, like slowing or stopping time. But yet, the things that I can have somewhat control over, like...packing...I don't seem to control. Interesting huh? What is wrong with me?!
I'm stressed, overwhelmed, emotional and starting to go a little crazy!
There are so many random things to do. Can it all be done? What needs to get done will get done. I have to remind myself to live a day at a time.
I really need to go to bed. The other day, I slept through my snooze alarm and didn't get up until 7:54am and I have to be to work at 8:00. NOT good. I called work and told them I was going to be late and I was in to work between 8:10-8:15!! I thought that was pretty good timing! I don't want to do that again!
Pray that I would get good sleep and that I would force myself to get to bed early and that I would be able to get up in the morning. Pray that I would get stuff done and that I would continue to trust that God has good plans for me and that He is in control of every part of that plan.
Is God still good, even when I'm in the desert, the wasteland, the waiting period...the funk? YES!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Just an FYI- I put a new link on. It's the HubbleSite
I love looking at pictures of the universe and to see how amazing God is and how creative He is. It makes me feel so small when I learn of how HUGE the galaxies are and how far away they are from earth. We are so tiny compared to what is out there, yet God knows us each by name and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads. He knows every thought and knows every inch of our being. The coolest part is that He is so in love with us! The God who created all of this, created us too, and cares enough for our little selves that He would make it so that we can have a relationship with Him, that we can be close to Him and find life in Him. That is goodness!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beautiful Feet Reunion

The band got together for a "reunion" on Friday night. It is always great to still get together and catch up even though we were not all able to be there. Z is in TN, Nox is in CA, and Joe is in MO. So it's a little more difficult for them to come back for these things. It was sad thinking of it being my last "reunion" for awhile since I'm moving soon. (in 3 wks! AHH) It was a lovely evening for Dinner we had Kabobs and Shadley, being the creative person that she is, made little stations for us...

Shadley working the veggie station...
Aaron working the meat station...

Here were cute little signs above the table, it as also Kinsey's b-day!!!
There was a cowboy theme, since I will be going into cowboy territory soon! (notice the cowboy hat-that will show up later in some pics!)

Giddy up!

Here are some more pictures. Of course Rachel and I had to get our traditional cheesy Rach and Em picture, like we don't have enough of those already!

I can't really remember what we were laughing at...

But it was HILARIOUS!

Aaron jumped in for a picture with us!

Here is the newest member of the band family, Evelyn Marie Adam born June 21.
She is very precious and very hairy!!

We had a talk about how it's okay to be a hairy woman!

Elliott came out of the bedroom with his cowboy gear!
Perfect for the occasion!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Vintage21 Jesus Video #1

A few years ago Vintage 21, a church of God-seekers, God-followers, and God-doubters went through a series on Jesus Christ. They made some videos that portrayed some of our preconceived notions of who we think Jesus is and what He's like. THANK GOODNESS He is not really like this!!

Vintage21 Jesus Video #2

Vintage21 Jesus Video #3

Vintage21 Jesus Video #4


My nephews Jack and Noah had their first swimming lessons today. They got some cool goggles and here is a picture of Noah with his on!!! They are sharks, and I think he is wearing them upside down! (I had to bribe him with a piece of chocolate so that he would let me take his picture!)
At first Noah didn't want to get in the pool because there weren't any slides. But then once he got in he loved it!
Jack's favorite part was using the kickboard!
(Jack wouldn't let me take his picture!)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Iron Chef

Cody and Vanessa just got back from being in China for 9 months or so. We got together last night at Kyle and Jennifer's for dinner and to hang out. It was so good to see Cody and Vanessa, God is doing amazing things in China and it was so cool to hear stories of how impacted the people over there were by having them and their team teach English and also build relationships and share Jesus with them.
The beginning of the evening started with making a run to East West, an oriental grocery store, to get ingredients to make some authentic cuisines! We had a variety of countries represented...Chinese, Japanese, Korean. It was great! To be completely honest, I was a little nervous to try some of this. Especially the use of the chopsticks. Yeah...not very good at that!
There was a moment in the kitchen where Cody and Kyle were cooking, and the intensity of it reminded me of the show Iron Chef!
Here are a few pictures of the evening...

Here are Kyle and Jennifer showing off their mad chopsticks skills!

Vanessa having some spicy kimshi

Cody looking cool

On the left are chicken and vegetable dumplings and on the right is a dish that Cody made with eggs, tomatoes and vinegar! It really was good Cody!

Kimishi which is pickled cabbage with tofu, very spicy

Here is a dumpling!

I had the hardest time getting the chopsticks down, but I finally picked up my dumpling...

and ate it!

After dinner (probably not a good idea) Cody did his infamous tripod!
The evening ended with us piling into the car and going to Coldstone! It's always nice to end the night with ice cream...right Cody?!

I'm glad you guys are back!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Homeless & Jobless

Oh, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. 1 month until I move. Where did the time go? I can't believe it's coming up so fast.
We still don't have a place to live!!
I don't have a job!!
How is this all going to work out?!
I have NO idea!!
Are we crazy?!
Maybe a little, but God is bigger than all of this, and I know that He is working.
It seems like I have been in a waiting period these last few weeks. God always puts you through a waiting period before He is going to do something BIG. I'm trusting in that. Even if the BIG thing is that He is refining my character by making me wait and be patient and continue to have faith that He is in control of everything.
I'm praying BIG, that He will provide and that He will continue to hold me as I'm getting sad about leaving.

"trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD is the rock eternal" isaiah 26:4
"wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD." psalm 27:14

A Night of Jumping and Singing

This weekend is my last weekend singing with the vocal team at my church. We had our last rehearsal last night at the Sterner household. It was lovely, it consisted of Jenna and I jumping on the trampoline in the backyard...

Here we are showing our skills...and I'm trying not to pee my pants

The vocal team crew

And a little Dr. Beat, Scooter's best friend!

It has been such an amazing experience worshipping with these guys. I love each one of them and their heart for Jesus. I will definitely cherish the memories we have had from the rehearsals, to the devos, to the mainstage, even the days of Firestone! You guys rock!!
Oh...and the pie and the banana bottom brownie things....and the AMAZING lemonade! Thanks Carrie and Scott for serving us!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Tonight my family and some friends went to the fireworks, which is always an interesting event with my family. Once we actually get seated, it doesn't take long before the kids go crazy! My nephews, when they are all together, just feed off of each other and before you know it, I'm getting tackled, the people around us are either annoyed, or if we are lucky, actually laughing at the craziness. Once the fireworks start they settle down a bit. It's funny to look back at them and see Noah and Sam covering their ears, and all of their eyes wide and lit up by the show in the sky. Noah came up and sat on my lap for awhile and was very worried about the fireworks hitting the moon! He also had many discussions with Will about some of the fireworks looking like french fries!
We weren't sure how Lily was going to react to them, and when the first one went off she hid her face, but then looked out again, not wanting to miss anything. She seemed pretty intrigued, but never shed a tear.
The walk back to the house afterwards usually consists of trying to keep track of the kids, making sure we have all of them, Jack with his head lamp on to lead the way, and my brother-in-law, Joe, being a dork and being the brother I never had.
My nephews and niece are so precious. They bring me so much joy!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Cutest Girl in the World!!!

Here are some recent pictures of my sweet Lily. She is my niece that just turned 1 year old!! I LOVE her!!!