Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Swimmysuit" Time!

My sweet lovely! My family went to the Wisconsin Dells to an indoor waterpark/hotel. It's been a tradition of ours. My sister posted some pics on her blog and these made my day! Lily Margaret loved the water and I guess she likes to wear her "swimmysuit" and her goggles. I believe in this picture she is begging for someone to take her in! I love her!I mean really folks....someone needs to get on this...look at that face!!! I love her!!!!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rat #4, Day 11

No explanation needed...

So keep in mind these are RAT traps...not mouse traps. If you need a reminder as to how HUGE they are...take a look at this...

I Got Rick Rolled At Boot Camp

You'll never believe it...
This morning at boot camp in the midst of crunches and push-ups I got rick rolled. All of a sudden this song came up on our instructors ipod. I wasn't expecting it...I never would have thought that Rick would make an appearance on the boot camp playlist. But there he was and visions of denim filled my head and I started giggling. Hilary was wondering what I was giggling about! I told her that we just got Rick rolled! It was amazing.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am Yours

Today at church Spur58 led worship. They came awhile ago and I remembered that they were really good. Check them out. We sang one of their songs that I thought was really good. It's called I am Yours, here are the lyrics...

You are all my heart desires
You are all I want
Your beauty has intoxicated
You are God alone

I am yours
Only yours
I am yours
Take control

This is all my heart desires
This is all I want
To be compelled and moved by beauty
You are God alone

Take control of me
Have your way with me
Won't you take control of me
Jesus, have your way with me

I Don't Want to See Anymore Turds

So it seems that the holes have been patched up, but we did find another one underneath the sink.
We have not caught anymore rats, but we've seen turds, in the kitchen and underneath the sink. We are afraid that there are some still in the apartment with no where to go since their escape has been patched up.
We are also using traps that we have used before so we are also afraid that they won't come near them since the smell of death may still be on them.
Pest Control is supposed to come out on Tuesday, but then we are afraid we are going to continue to find dead guys all over. (I'm hoping that we only have 1 more instead of the million that I envision in my head!)
We are still not sleeping at our apartment! It has been such a blessing to have people offer us to stay with them...we sort of feel like we are touring the city! Hilary and I have decided that we are going to make a tshirt.
"Austin City Tour" With a rat head on the front...or maybe a VICTOR rat trap...or a big piece of cheese...or maybe the gangsta rat. On the back we list all of the different locations we've slept at and the dates...anyone have any other creative ideas?!
We thought we would give them as thank-you gifts or...maybe we'll sell them and use the money for rat traps...or for rent for a new place to live.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Starting To Look a Little Brighter!

So Hilary went to the apartment herself! I'm so proud of her!
They finished the closet and they are patching up a hole behind the dishwasher.
No rats today!
The earliest Pest Control can come out is Tuesday.
It seems like things are starting to get a little better.

I'm thankful that the management and workers are no longer ignoring us and that they are actually doing something about all of this!
I'm also thankful for the Finn's who have housed me last night and tonight! It's fun to wake up to a sweet smiling baby (who likes to stare at my hair) and not to a dead rat in a trap.


I read this today from Zach's blog and thought it was really good...

"Sin demands to have a man by himself. It withdraws him from the community.
The more isolated a person is, the more destructive will be the power of sin
over him, and the more deeply he becomes involved in it, the more disastrous is
his isolation. Sin wants to remain unknown. It shuns the light. . . . In
confession the light of the gospel breaks into the darkness and seclusion of the
heart. The sin must be brought into the light. The unexpressed must be openly
spoken and acknowledged. All that is secret and hidden is made manifest. It is a
hard struggle until the sin is openly admitted. But God breaks gates of brass
and bars of iron. . . . The expressed, acknowledged sin has lost all its power.
It has been revealed and judged as sin. It can no longer tear the fellowship
asunder. Now the fellowship bears the sin of the brother."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together, pages 112-113.

Rat #3 and I'm Still Trying To Be Thankful!

Hilary and I got home yesterday to construction workers in our apartment just starting to look at the closet.
Rat #3 was in the trap in the kitchen and we packed our bags for another night at our friends house!
They started putting up the wall in the hall closet and will hopefully finish today along with taking out our dishwasher to see if they are coming in from behind it somewhere.
Hilary is at a retreat today and tomorrow. :( So I'm still debating on whether I should stop by the apartment after work alone or wait until tomorrow.

We have started looking at different rental properties! I think we are both starting to get excited about the possibility of finding a new that doesn't have rats living in it!
We really have been so blessed with our apartment and the location, it will be difficult to move knowing that we can't afford anything else in our neighborhood...which means we will have to go North or South, and we'll have to get into traffic to and from work. :( (can you tell that we have been a little spoiled!)

Some of you may think that I am being a baby or being overly dramatic about this whole experience...while that may be true...God is using this situation to really humble me and He is doing so much in this! Hilary and I were praying last night together and I remember praying then and again today, "God, You are funny! You are using these rats to reveal character in me that You want to refine and You are showing me that all things that come from You and that You allow, are good. If it is that it will bring You the most glory (somehow) by filling our apartment with rats than so be it! I desire Your glory above my comfort."

Some more things that I am thankful for:
For my friends who think these stories are HILARIOUS!
One friend started a facebook group entitled "Emily Ward Killed Remy" : RIP Remy the Rat...forgive Emily for she knows not what she did. (Remy is the rat from Ratatouille) feel free to join! I have no regrets for what I've done.
One friend left me a voicemail last night laughing really hard saying that she had just gotten done reading my stories and almost peed her pants. She was envisioning me running to the chair like a cartoon character who starts running really fast but doesn't go anywhere, they are just staying in one place and then all of a sudden they take off.
She said that it made her night.
I'm thankful for that!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It Keeps Getting Worse...but I'm Trying To Be Thankful

So Hilary got home yesterday...and she calls me at work saying that she hears something in the hallway closet of our apartment!
Right away I say..."CALL MATT!"
Matt came over to check it out...looks in the closet and there are rat turds everywhere.
He then starts checking things out and notices that when the construction guys had come in to put in washer and dryer connections as part of the remodeling that they are doing in the complex (they are turning the apartments into condos) They never closed up the wall. So you can basically see the entire inside of the wall. They never put up the wall!!! All the way up to the ceiling and there are big spaces open in the ceiling too.
Don't ask why we never noticed this before. All of our stuff was put back in the closet and I guess we just never paid attention to any of it...or it just never clicked with us.
When I had called our management property people they said that we are having a big rodent problem because of all of the construction going on and they are scattering everywhere!
So...they have free open access to our apartment. If they are running around in the walls....they can come right in! With all of the construction going on, most likely a lot of places they are working on do not have complete walls that means...Ok...I need to stop talking about this! I did have a breakdown. I was so tired from going on 3 hours of sleep and this all just pushed me over! I cried. This is definitely not fun anymore...although Matt keeps laughing and scaring us by putting our little stuffed possum in a trap.
We got the onsite construction manager to come check it out and she was completely grossed out by it and was sort of freaking out as well...and said that she will have someone come in today to fix it all and then get pest control out there too.
So we decided that neither of us could handle sleeping we went and stayed with some friends last night.
This is all so gross and I can't really handle it.
BUT...I'm trying to be thankful. So today I have been thinking of all of the things that I am thankful for in this situation!

--That the first rat came in, which made us set up traps...if it had not so rudely intruded, we would have had no idea about the other guys that have been hanging around our apartment!

--For Matt and Erin. Matt, that he is brave and that he is putting up with our squeals and tears about this whole thing and getting rid of the traps for us.
For Erin that she is sharing her husband with two single gals who can't handle gross and scary things.

--That Hilary came back home.

--That Matt saw the unfinished wall and made that connection.

--For the Stewart's who took in Hilary last night and for Melody who let me sleep in her bed. (another silly night...why does that happen when I sleep with people!?)

--That the manager came and checked it out and hopefully got someone out there today to get things fixed, instead of waiting for a reply to the email and letter they made me send.

I'm sure there are more things that I will think of...but I'm tired.
I'll keep y'all updated.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

This blog is hilarious. The author uses the "What White People Like" idea and is using it for "Stuff Christians Like"
It's pretty funny and sarcastic.
Gotta love M. W.
This one was funny... "Booty, God, Booty"
This one was not really funny...but thought it was good.
The Crock Pot, a Love Letter

Max and His Hot Rod

This may just get me through the rest of the day...

It's Not Over...It's SO Not Over.

So I was awoke to a noise at 2:30am last night. I thought something had dropped in my shower so I got up to check it out. Nothing.
I laid back down and as I was drifting back to sleep I realized something. Something NOT fun at all.
It was totally the trap going off...that's what woke me up.
SO...I grabbed my baseball bat. Not really sure that I would actually do anything with it but it made me feel better, put some tennis shoes on and opened my door slowly.
It was completely dark except for the light coming from my room. I reached across the hall with my baseball bat to flip the hallway light on.
We had put a trap in the hallway in the corner underneath this built in desk thing. (right by my room)
I came out of my room and turned to look underneath the desk and the trap had been triggered but there was NOTHING!!!!!!
At this point I felt like I was going to throw up.
This is NOT good. So I looked down the hallway into the dining room/living room just to see darkness. So I stood there talking myself into making a mad dash into the dining room up onto the chair.
I finally did it...I ran really fast into the dining room and jumped onto the chair. I made my way from the chair onto the bar stool hoping to be able to reach with my bat the light switches that were in the kitchen.
I couldn't quite reach with the bat...I peeked over the counter into the kitchen and with the light that was coming from the hallway I could see that something was in the trap that we set (where we caught the one yesterday).
At this point I start crying. I couldn't believe this was happening again! I'm STILL by myself and didn't know what to do. I still had in my mind that there was one still running around that was too smart for the trap in the hallway.
I stood on the bar stool for awhile trying to get up en0ugh nerve to turn the lights on. I needed them on as I kept thinking about how creepy it was that they come out at night.
So I quickly turned the lights on and saw that there indeed was another rat/mouse in the trap. This one looked a little nastier.
I tried to keep looking at it to make sure it was dead.
So, I decided that I would count down the hours until it was a reasonable hour to call my good friend Matt over to get this guy out. I had 4 1/2 hours.
I quickly ran back to my room and that is where I stayed. The thought of going to sleep with a possible guy on the loose was not very pleasant, so I cleaned...sorted through stuff...did some stuff on the computer...prayed...took a 3-5. Then i finally decided that I need to get some I tried to sleep from 5-7...with the lights on. Everytime I fell asleep I kept waking myself up again. NOT fun.
So 7:00 hits and I go and check on the trap. It has moved. No joke...the thing has moved with the rat/mouse in it. It was closer to the space between the wall and dishwasher (the spot where I think they are coming from). I had envisions of the guy on the loose running back through and grabbing his friend and trying to bring him back too...but the trap was too big to fit. So I called the Thomson's. Matt answers the phone "Thomson's Pest Control".
I told him that we had another one...and he starts laughing...I start crying!
He was like, "No, don't cry! I'll be over!"
So he came and rescued us once again!
Got rid of the dead guy and set up traps for the next guy (I HOPE there will not be a next guy). He also did some investigating and found a hole outside in our patio area that he filled up with rocks and dirt.
I did not take pictures...I no longer think this is fun enough to take pictures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Not So Fun Experience...Part 2

Bad news...the rat was in our apartment for 5 days. 5 DAYS. And that really creeps me out.
Good news...he is now dead and officially OUT of our apartment.
Hilary left on Sunday for Atlanta to spend time with her family and for her grandma's funeral :( So I have been by myself in the apartment...thinking about the myself....did I mention I was by myself?!?!
I had gotten to the point where I was starting to believe that the rat had left the apartment...I had not seen any droppings or crumbs or I had not heard any I really thought that he left that night he came in.
Then...this morning...I woke up and as I was leaving for work walked into the kitchen to find the rat trap flipped over and with the rat intruder in the trap...dead. NO WAY!
I, of course, started squealing and walking around really fast saying to myself..."I don't know what to do...I don't know what to do!"
I'm by myself...and I am late for I decided since I knew he was dead I would leave him for now. I couldn't handle it.
I called Matt and Erin, knowing that Matt (the fireman) said that we could call him if we needed him...and now more than ever I needed him to get this guy out.
People were giving me all sorts of advice about how I could get him out...but I couldn't do it. Even using a dust pan was too close!
I spent the rest of the day questioning whether it was a bad idea to have left him for the day. I was imagining him coming back to life and him running around our apartment with the trap on.
And I was thinking about how he had been there the entire time. UGH!!!! NAST! I did lots of body twitches at work!
When I got home he was still dead...and it still freaked me out!
Matt came over to save the day! He laughed at me a lot...he just picked up the trap and rat with a bag. There's no way I could've have done that! I did some more squealing and of course...took some pictures!
So...WARNING...there are pictures of the dead rat...if you can't handle may need to look away. (I can't believe I'm actually posting pictures of this guy.)
Matt thought that it could have been either a really big mouse...or a really small rat. We couldn't figure it out. It's tail is so long and nasty that it looks like a be the judge.
Here is a picture of the rat trap next to a pop can so that you can really see how big these guys are!That's peanut butter...not guts. FYI. (I first thought it was guts and almost threw up!)As you can see Matt is laughing at me!Notice the tail sticking out...I think I may vomit...
Matt is our hero! He should get some sort of award at the fire station for this heroic deed! seriously.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Gospel and Relationships

So I have been loving this site lately...
Here are a few recent articles that I thought were good for singles.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Not So Fun Experience...'s the story...
It was Thursday night, 11:45pm. A storm came through Austin. A strong storm. Pouring down rain, lightening, thunder. Hilary and I were up talking and Hilary announces, "I LOVE storms!! Let's turn the lights out and watch the storm!"
So we turn a few lights out, head to the door and Hilary opens up the door to get a closer look...and as soon as she opens the door....A RAT COMES RUNNING INTO OUR APARTMENT and into our kitchen.
I'm talking...a RAT. It almost ran over my toes.
Not a little mouse...but a rat...we're pretty sure it was a rat.

So...what did we do....
Well first, we SCREAMED a lot. Jumped up and down and jumped up onto the chairs in our living room...and that is where we stayed for the next hour or laughing a lot...and Hilary almost in tears...
Of course my camera was nearby and I risked walking a bit on the floor to get it. I did contemplate jumping over to the couch and then jumping to the loveseat...but opted to run quietly and really fast to get it, all the while squealing (quietly of course).
So we didn't know what to we are both of us up on chairs not wanting to be the one to try and get down, find it and catch it. Hilary just kept saying, "I don't know what to can't handle this...I don't know what to do...I'm calling my dad."
#1 it's midnight
#2 he's in Iowa.
So Hilary calls her dad who is deep in sleep, and says, "Dad, I'm ok. I don't know what to do!"
He gives advice half asleep about banging pots and pans together which would definitely involve us...
#1 having to get off of the chairs
#2 getting into the cupboards to get the pots and pans... option
The fire department...
Our friend Matt is a fireman and we thought that maybe he was on call that night and the fire station is just a couple of blocks they could get there FAST.
Hilary pulls out her cell phone and dials the fire station directly...(at the time a little unsure why in the world Hilary had the direct line to the fire station in her phone...hilarious.)
A guy answers.
Hilary: "Is Matt working tonight?"
Fireman: "No, but he is on tomorrow night."
Hilary: "aww...ok...well I ask your opinion on something? Do any of you guys know how we could get a rat out of our apartment?!"
Fireman: "uh, no. And we're all sleeping."
Hilary: "Oh, sorry! I thought you guys just stayed up all night!"
#1 how rude! Shouldn't firemen want to protect two young gals from a disease infested (i'm sure) rodent who intruded on us and is now living in our apartment?!
#2 I imagined Hilary thinking that they stayed up all night ready to go just waiting for a fire to start and the fire bell to ring.
The entire conversation, I was laughing really hard.
So option.
Hilary's friend, who is a girl and is tough. She called her up and so Brooke came over ready to get after it with a tennis racket, to find us still on the chairs. (you would think with having previously lived in an old house where my roommates and I kept a tally of all of the mice we caught in the house over the year we lived there...the tally was 12, I believe...that I would be able to handle this.)
We were pretty sure that he didn't go down the hall towards our rooms and luckily our doors were closed so we were pretty sure that he didn't get into our rooms, so Hilary decided to make a big barricade of suitcases to block off the hallway before we (Brooke) tried to find it in the kitchen.
At this point Hilary is still feeling pretty nauseous and is almost in tears. I'm still laughing...and taking pictures. I'm realizing that I am actually handling this better than Hilary who is generally the bug killer and the brave one. Brooke and I decided that we should go to the bathroom before she set off in the track record isn't too good with being able to control my bladder in situations like this. (referring to a certain situation that happened in the old house with the mice.)
After we got all ready we (Brooke) decided to make her way to the kitchen. She really is brave.
But "we" couldn't find him.

She looked through all of the cupboards, behind the refrigerator. Nothing. She even checked back in our rooms and closets. Nothing.I did make my way to the counter on this picture.
The thought of this guy hanging out somewhere in our apartment and us not knowing where, was not fun.
We had gotten advice on how to make a bucket peanut butter trap.
We thought that maybe our little gangsta rat could help the situation...

We also went to HEB to get some rat traps...and 2:00 in the morning!So the thought of going to sleep with that guy still out there somewhere was very I slept in Hilary's bed! I think we got to sleep around 3:00am. But it was definitely not restful sleep...I kept thinking that I felt it crawling on me. It was so scary.
So with 5 traps set up around the apartment...we thought for sure we would catch him. It is now Sunday night and we have yet to catch him...or see him.
I have forced myself to believe that he has left...and won't be coming back.
I really think that he could have slipped out the sliding glass door from the side of the refrigerator and we just didn't see him.
I'm going to go with that story.
You know it's bad when the thought actually crossed my mind to borrow someone's cat to live here for awhile. But then I quickly realized that I couldn't handle that either. :)
I'm sticking with this story...that he left and he's not coming back.
I'm still keeping the traps up for awhile though!

Yes and Amen

We sang this song in church this morning. The lyrics are amazing. As I worshiped to this today I was praying that it would be truth in the hearts of those singing it around me and also in mine. That there would be boldness and strength to fully live out what God has called us to do. It was powerful...


Hear Your people saying yes,
Hear Your people saying yes to You.
Yes to anything You ask,
Yes to anything we're called to do

Hear Your people say amen,
Hear Your people say amen to You.
Let Your kingdom come on earth,
Let it be just like we prayed to You.

Yes and amen to everything that's in Your heart,
Yes and amen to everything that You have planned.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth

All the promises are yes,
All the promises are yes in You.
Every good and perfect gift,
Every blessing that we have was You.

Yes and amen to everything that's in Your heart,
Yes and amen to everything that You have planned.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth

Yes and amen, we're taking up our cross for You,
Give us the strength to take these dreams and follow through.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth

Hear Your people saying yes,
Hear Your people saying yes to You.
Yes to anything You ask,
Yes to anything we're called to do

Hear Your people say amen,
Hear Your people say amen to You.
Let Your kingdom come on earth,
Let it be just like we prayed to You.

Yes and amen to everything that's in Your heart,
Yes and amen to everything that You have planned.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth

Yes and amen, we're taking up our cross for You,
Give us the strength to take these dreams and follow through.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Picture of Set-Apartness

Excerpt from "Authentic Beauty" by Leslie Ludy

Korea 1939

Esther was a bright young Korean woman who had just begun her career as a music teacher at a Christian school when her life was forever changed in a single moment of decision. One morning as school began, a stern-looking woman approached her. Esther glanced up. It was the school principal. The principal told her hat the Japanese authorities (who controlled Korea) were requiring students and teachers from all the schools in the area to travel to the shrine of Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess, in order to worship there. "Get your students ready-we must get there on time," said the woman in a firm voice. Esther's jaw tightened in defiance at the words. As a devoted follower of Christ, how could she ever agree to worship at the shrine of an idol? The very idea caused her stomach to turn.
The principal saw the rebellion in Esther's face and became irritated. "You think you are the only Christian here?" she lashed out angrily. "You think you are the only one who does not want to bow to heathen gods? We all hate to do such a thing, but we are being persecuted by a power too ruthless to stand against. Unless we worship at the Japanese shrine, they will close this school!" Esther considered the principal's words. She saw the fear in the other woman's eyes. She understood the dilemma the school was in. The principal, along with many other Korean Christians in the city, felt that they had no choice but to go along with the Japanese authorities in order to protect themselves and their families from imprisonment, torture, and even death. But what about the words of Jesus Christ when He said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" (John 14:6)? How could these Christian leaders go directly against Him by compromising with idolatry?
The principal was still waiting for a reply. When Esther remained silent, the principal's face grew hard. "You can see how much trouble you will cause this school if you fail to cooperate," she said harshly, "but you don't seem to care about that. You are only thinking of yourself!"
Finally Esther spoke. "Okay-I will go to the shrine," she said quietly, moving toward the stairs.
The principal hurried after her. "And you will worship at the shrine too, right?" she questioned anxiously. Esther did not answer.
On the long trek to the shrine, with her students following silently behind her, Esther searched her heart. She knew when she arrived at the place of worship she would be forced to make a life altering choice. She fixed her eyes on the vast sky beyond the hills and though of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, when they were commanded to bow to the statue of the BAbylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. The three men had decided that even if God did not choose to save them from the burning fire, they would die honoring Him.
At the moment, Esther knew what she would do. Even though all the other Christians had decided that outwardly bowing to the idol was acceptable as long as they continued to worship Christ in their hearts. Esther could make no such compromise. She would not bow to any other but the one true God. Defying the Japanese warlords would most likely mean torture and imprisonment, but Esther decided that she would not live her youthful life for herself. She would offer it fully to her Prince, Jesus Christ. She said a silent prayer to Him. Today on the mountain, before the large crowd, I will proclaim that there is no other god but You, she declared.
Esther's group was the last to arrive at the shrine. A huge crowd had gathered, standing in straight, respectful lines, afraid to move because of the cruel gazes of the Japanese policemen. A few of the authorities eyed Esther and her students with disapproval as they joined the rest of the worshipers. Esther's heart began to pound with dread for what she was about to do. A sense of uneasiness swept over her, and she silently repeated the Lord's Prayer over and over. Lord, she prayed, I am so weak! Please help me do this-watch over me as I stand for You.
"Attention!" came the commanding voice of one of the officials. The crowd stood in silence and submission. "Our profoundest bow to Amaterasu Omikami!" As he shouted the words, the entire group bent the upper half of their bodies, bowing solemnly before the shrine. Esther was the only one who remained standing, looking up at the sky. The fear and uncertainty that had gripped her just moments before had vanished. Calmness and peace flooded her. She had done what her Prince had asked her to do. On the long walk back to the school, Esther continued her dialogue with her Master. I have done what I should have done, she prayed passionately. Now, I commit the rest to You. I died today on that mountain-now it is only You who lives through me. I leave everything in Your hands.
When Esther arrived back at the school, four detectives were waiting for her. Years of intense suffering for her Lord were about to begin. But something had happened to Esther that day in front of the shrine, something that changed her forever. She was no longer afraid of what men could do to her; her life was only a tool in the hands of her Lord. While others gave in to their fear, she had stood to protect what was most sacred in her life-her relationship with her Prince, Jesus Christ. It was a treasure she was determined to guard at all costs, even with her very life.
Esther was willing to be set apart from all the other young women in her generation by fearlessly protecting what was sacred. Her life was used incredibly by God as a result. She spent six harrowing years in Japanese prisons, changing the lives of both prisoners and guards by her amazing example of sacrificial love for her Prince. Her incredible story was published as a book in Korea and became an all-time religious bestseller there, igniting the spark of courage and hope in the hearts of countless Christians.
Today, examples of young women who sacrifice their safety, comfort, and very lives to protect the truth of Jesus Christ are rare. Most Christian young women in today's culture balk at the thought of truly living set apart lives for their Prince, let alone dying for Him. But in every generation, there are a few who make another choice-a choice to heroically guard their sacred relationship with their Prince, no matter what the cost. Are you willing to be one of the few?

Becoming A Student of Manhood...

As I have been reading Authentic Beauty, I have somehow (not intentionally) been learning about men. It's been interesting and it has affirmed in this book that one of the best things you can do if you desire marriage someday is to "become a student of manhood or womanhood".
Some quotes out of the book from the authors husband,
"Ask God to begin to teach you how to appreciate manhood and see it the way He does. A woman who appreciates manhood is an instrument God will use to shape manhood."

"My dad said it well when he told me, "Eric, become a student of your wife and you will know what it means to be a man." Manhood, in its most polished form, is the perfectly built advocate of blossoming and radiant womanhood. When men become true men, they set women free to be everything that God intended them to be rather than oppressing femininity through their own selfishness."

"Men have been taught that we will never figure women out, no matter how hard we try. That is an extremely dangerous lie. It is true that God-designed femininity should always hold a certain mystery to men, but men can learn how to understand a woman and nurture her heart. It isn't just important for you, as a young woman, that guys discover what wins your heart. It's crucial to our success as men-whether we ever get married or not."

"Ponder the manhood of Christ. Read both the book of Song of Solomon and the book of Revelation in the Bible. Reading those two books together, with the sole intention of seeing a picture of what Christlike manhood looks like, has an amazing impact. Song of Solomon gives a picture of Christ as a poet, a gentle encourager, and a servant-lover. Revelation provides a picture of Christ as a conqueror, a hero, a Warrior of warriors, and a King of kings. As a young woman, acquaint yourself with the ultimate Warrior Poet, Jesus Christ, and then you will know better what manhood is supposed to look like."

Friday, April 18, 2008

An Amazing Story

I came across this blog and I am blown away at their story. You must check it out.
You can get the full story here and watch a video that was aired on the news here.
What an amazing love story! And what a sweet testimony!

My Lovely

My sister posted some sweet Lily Margaret pictures...with pigtails! oh, she is lovely!
I was praying for her last night as I was reading my Authentic Beauty book. That she would grow into a little girl, a young lady and a woman who lives fully for Jesus and that her life would be set apart from the world, that her life would reflect her Prince and that her beauty would shine because of Him. That she would know her worth and beauty that is measured not by her outward appearance but by her heart and her character and by her Prince. That she would not settle for the things of the world but that her heart would be on things unseen, the treasures and joys of heaven and that her heart would break for the things that break His heart, and she would love how He loved. That even though the things around her can be like thorns, she can stand out as a beautiful lily, standing firm and secure in the pure lily whiteness of Jesus. That she would be content with the love of her Prince and that she would not desire the approval of man. That she would continue to shine like she does and that God would use her precious life to bring Him glory and fame! That she would know and believe that she is lovely in all of His loveliness!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silliness in Albuquerque

Some silliness in Albuquerque:
Miss Shadley
Miss KimShadley and I being cheesy (not too hard for me...I know!)I was a little disappointed in Barbie's lack of just found out about Sonic's happy may be my new favorite thing...
"special drinks"!So we each have our choice of beverage...And of course chocolate...I don't really know why I do the faces I do...they had no idea I was back was great!I spread my layering love...Shadley is now hooked! hot MAMA!Zach is thinking, "um...was this really a good idea? When will the squeals and giggles stop?!"I got attacked by was crazy.Sweet Autumn in the trees...Shadley couldn't have a margarita, it was very sad...but I was obviously really happy!
Mr. Emery with a mess breakfast face...Autumn has some crazy bed head...(there were several people a little disappointed in the shortness of my hair...not good for crazy bed head...I'm sort of known for crazy bed head.)Taylor likes to play cards.(King's Corner, Rumy, Memory) He usually wins.Miss Molly, so sweet!Kim was working on her tan, with slippers on!Shadley's comment to this picture..."Who wouldn't like to wake up to this every morning!?"Shadley and I enjoyed sharing a bed maybe a little too much!! LOTS of staying up late telling stories and giggling!
Love them!!!