Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Iowa Visit part 72-Pictures

Here are some more pictures from my trip home...can you tell that I like to take pictures?!?

Is it a boy or is it a girl?!?!?! Hope to find out on Friday!! woot woot!!

Sorry Joe...I couldn't help it...I had to post it...

Iowa Visit part 3-Lily

This post is dedicated to the precious-ness of my niece Lily Margaret.
Lily is almost 2 years old and she is my lovely.
She is the only girl in the family...so far... :-)
She likes to talk...she likes pretty things...she likes shoes.
I LOVE her!!
She is even beautiful with chocolate around her mouth! She likes to show off her "pretties".
When Lily and I are together we like to do girl things...like try on rings...
And Laugh...And of course do the itsy bitsy spider...

Love you sweet girl!

Iowa Visit part 2

It was a GREAT time with my family. I love them SO much which makes me miss them SO much.
Here are a few of the events that happened during my time there...
I got the kids "Texas Sized" things...pencils and jelly beans!
Jack is giving a demonstration to show the difference between "Texas Sized" and "Regular" sized!Bocce Ball is always fun... So is swinging upside down...So is sliding down slides...And so is swinging on this swing when you are almost 26?!?!

My mom works at the church preschool doing the arts and crafts for the kids. One of the days I came in to be a substitute associate and then the other day I came in to just hang out at the craft table with my mom! That day we were working on train cars. The kids colored them and then they were supposed to draw something that the car was carrying.
Here is mom working away...
We decided to each make a car to show as examples...
Mom's is carrying bouncy balls, and mine is carrying flowers!

Precious...I know.

Another highlight of my time back was getting to see Meghan and Guillo! Meghan and I were roommates for a few years, she is one if my dearest friends and this is her little baby Guillermo! He is almost 8 months old! SO cute!!!

So Meghan and I were kind of known together for our laughing about EVERYTHING even when it wasn't really that funny to anyone else. We would laugh...we even played laughing games! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!! This would be a typical picture of us...plus Guillermo!

Guillermo is not too sure about it...I don't think he's used to the intensity of our laughs combined!

Love you guys!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iowa Visit part 1

Here was my view from my plane.
The clouds were really cool!
Andrew "the drummer" Aker
Cooking pizzas in the church kitchen...HIGH FIVE!! Yesss!
I LOVE these women! These were a few of the girls I lead my last year in Iowa, they are all involved with the worship team for 24-7, the college ministry. I was able to come to their rehearsal/devo time and talk to them about trusting God for the future. It was awesome! There were also 4 new girls there that they are now leading! It was awesome to see how they have stepped up and are now leaving a legacy with them! They are beautiful!

Since it was the last 24-7 of the year they decided to get everyone that was involved with the worship team and have a mini choir sing. So that night they also made puffy paint t-shirts for everyone to wear! What better way to be girly!
This was Greg's t-shirt!We also had a cake...before...
24-7The coolest "High Five" EVER! (sorry Greg...I had to post it!)

Sweet Amy and Jenni
Amy and the Lobb family!
Uncle Greg and Erin
It's a tradition...after 24-7 you go to Perkins, we had gotten to the point where the waiters knew what we wanted to drink and even knew what we were going to order! Andy is still carrying on the tradition even though most of the original crew is gone. He is now at the point where he has their phone number in his cell phone and he calls them up to let them know they are coming! I remember a few times we packed the entire Perkins restaurant with 24-7 students!
It was awesome! Although, I don't know how well the waiters liked it!