Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I had to Laugh...

I'm sitting in Austin Java getting ready to go over my small group stuff and "Message in a Bottle" comes on the radio....
All I can think of is...Guitar Hero!
But it was at the actual speed! I had gotten used to hearing it at the easy level...slowest speed.
I also was hearing in my head that noise it makes when you miss a note. You all who are Guitar Hero fans know exactly what noise I'm talking about.
What was it that Noah would sing..."Sing a song and SOS"
I miss guitar hero...
I had to laugh!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coming Back to My First Love

It's 4:00am and I can't sleep.
I'm not sure what is going on...but sometimes it's God keeping me awake.
I just got done worshiping for about an hour.
It was good. Really good.
Lately I have felt a distance from God. But it seems that He is not willing to lose me and always brings me back to the place of being lost in Him.
I like to be in that place of being so in Him that He drowns me, overflows onto me, that anyone who tries to find me must go through Him to get to me.
I sat in my room tonight with the lights out and just my fishbowl of white Christmas lights shining. Asking God to meet me here. I know that He is already here, He is everywhere. But I wanted Him to do something, anything. To manifest Himself in this place, in my room, by myself with Him, tonight.
I grabbed my guitar and started singing this song from Enter the Worship Circle...

If I lift Your name up high
Will You draw me to Your side
I just can't make it one more night
Without Your kiss...

I wait still
Lord come and fill
This emptiness is more than I can stand
I lift my eyes, my voice to the skies
Return me to my first love
Once again

Lord I fall down on my knees
Only You can rescue me
I find that I am so in need
Won't You wrap me in Your presence

I wait still
Lord come and fill
This emptiness is more than I can stand
I lift my eyes, my voice to the skies
Return me to my first love,
Once again

I am thankful that He continues to meet me where I'm at.

Lord my cry to You tonight is that Your power and Your glory would fill every emptiness in me. I have gotten to the point of not really knowing what to pray but I just come to You. I confess my brokenness Lord that You have put in me for You. I confess that I have consumed... myself and that is all I see...me. I have looked elsewhere for satisfaction and have come up empty looking for what I know will satisfy and it's You. Fill me. I want to be consumed with You and only You. I fear so many things. I have a fear of continually falling, of completely letting go and not completely believing that You will be there to place me back on the rock that I know will hold me securely. I fear doing things for You that are out of my control and out of my comfort. Again...I get consumed with me. Lord give me new eyes, give me a new heart, give me a new mind that thinks only of You and Your glory, that sees Your children and what You are doing, that feels Your Spirit moving and Your love that is willing to die. Make me more like You. Somehow would You turn what I have and who I am into something beautiful for You. I surrender. I give up. I am done holding onto it all. I'm letting go. I'm letting You do what You want. Give me the strength to obey You and to follow You. Give me ears to hear You. I have been blind and deaf. But You have opened my eyes, I can see. You have unplugged my ears and I can hear. Lord may it be for Your glory only. I worship You. Lord my heart has not been just for you. My worship has not been only You. But I am thankful that You love me still, as I come back to You with stains and scars that have been opened up. Once again You wash me and You heal and bind up the wounds. You never lose your grip on me, but You allow it to get rough. You allow the bleeding and dirt, but You are quick to clean it up. Somehow I come back stronger and more in love with You because You love me enough to not lose me to the world.
I am Your daughter, Your bride, Your love.
Thank you, my Father, my Husband, my Love.

To YOU be all glory Jesus in YOUR name I lift up my soul.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Family with MANY Faces!

****I apologize now to any member of my family that will be upset with me after this post****

So I decided that I wanted to take a picture with each member of my family...a serious one...and a funny one...
So here they are the first one up...
Laura. We were playing around with the lighting and whether it was best inside or out... I had to put both sets of pictures in because they were just too good!
Laura and I were crying from laughter after we saw these pictures...we are so weird.And yes...she actually licked my cheek.
Here was the indoor one of my mom and I. precious!
uh...can you say that someone looks like trouble?! My silly faces started repeating themselves...when you are doing it a million times you sort of run out of ideas!
Sweet Noah...
He always does the weird crossing the eyes trick...
Take note of my silly face in this picture...and then notice Lily's silly face later on in the post!
I managed to talk Joe into doing this...he is always fearful of getting his picture taken because he knows that it will end up on my blog. He was a good sport about it.
He was actually going to lick my cheek but decided not to, thanks Joe! Laura did it for him!
Jack, I think, was a little too cool for this...he didn't really understand what to do! He thought that maybe just covering his face would help...This picture turned out ok!
He wasn't really into the "crazy face" deal either!
"Maybe if I just close my eyes it will all go away!"I gave him a big hug after we were done!Then he took me down and I couldn't get back up...Sweet Sam has such a nice smile!
He wasn't in to the whole crazy face thing either...he just likes to smile!
Will has such a nice smile too!
Damon sitting on my lap!All I can say is wow...
again...all I can say is wow...Don!
I'm doing the "Magnum" look...
Don didn't really do the silly faces either...
oooo my sweet Lily!
Lily is doing the silly face I was doing with Noah! Precious!Jill!
Sweet Sister!
All I can say is wow...
The "Ward" women...There ya have it folks...A Family with MANY Faces!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ok...so my bro-in-law likes to be a BIG DORK sometimes...well most of the time...
He likes to make fun of me and he picks on me constantly because he thinks that he needs to make up for all the years I grew up without a brother.
Anyway...he likes to pick on the things that I wear. (layers...belts...)
Here is a picture of what I'm talking about...

I'm sorry I just don't think he can pull it off like I can!