Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Think I Have a GirlCrush.

You won't believe it.
I'm still trying to believe it.
My heart started racing and I felt like I was going to throw up...I wanted to jump up and down and run around the office at work today.
I got an email.
An email with some information that I was NOT expecting.
August 7th.
There will be a concert
with one of my very favorite singers of all time.
She has inspired me spiritually, musically, lyrically.
I think I almost peed my pants in excitement. (is that weird!? ok...maybe a little)
Brooke Fraser.
I can't even believe it.
It's so serious that I can't stop saying "seriously".
She is playing at The Parish on 6th street.
I might be a little obsessed.
But she's lovely. And I get to see her in person in a week.
Not that she is an idol in my life. She's not. It's just AWESOME to see someone who God has created so beautifully and so talented-ly (I know that's not a word but I didn't know how to say that without it sounding weird. So maybe saying talented-ly is weird...but I'm sticking to it.)
and to see them be used in such HUGE ways! awesome.
She rocks.
the end.

Can I Be An Adult and Still Act Like a Child?

I did a very grown up thing today.
I feel like an adult.
Why is it that I generally don't feel like an adult?
I think I made a decision today that took me a step in the direction of adulthood.
Maybe I don't feel like an adult because I act like this...or this...or this...
But life is too short to act like an adult ALL the time...right?!
I bought a car. A new (used) car from my boss. It was a pretty sweet deal and as sad as it truck (Magnum) is on his way out. So instead of waiting until it completely went out on me and I was left stranded, trying to figure out what I was going to do...I decided to jump on this sweet deal.
I will have to post some pictures when I get a chance.
It's a maroon 2003 Ford Focus with 45,000 miles!
With this Money Matters series that my church is doing, God has really done some amazing things this week as I have prayed, looked at my budget, prayed, talked it over with a few people, prayed some more.
Prior to this money series I have honestly not been all that great with budgeting my money, I am still struggling a bit to really live out what God is calling me to do with my money, but I can see a huge growth in my heart and mind when it comes to priorities.
As I looked at my budget to figure out if I could afford to make a monthly car payment I thought about how I would act pre-money series at my church...
Take a little from my tithing...take a little from my giving...not a big deal.
But there wasn't even a question in my heart about it...I looked at my budget saw the money that I was putting away for tithing and giving and I thought, "Jesus, this is is holy and it is Yours". No question about it. NO WAY am I going to take from that.
As I prayed and processed through that, I just prayed asking God to continue to give me faith to believe that He is my provider and that I would choose to trust Him.
Seriously, amazing.
Not to go into too much detail, but after I walked through that in my heart and in my mind, figured out what I could afford...the next day I got offers on loans and insurance that were WAY lower than I had been planning for and even expected. I couldn't help but PRAISE THE LORD! And I couldn't help but move forward with this process.
Before this deal came about and as I had been "completely wrecked out" by this money series, I had all intentions of saving and being able to buy a car with cash. But I trust that the Lord is in this and my heart is right.
I was talking with a good friend the other night and she had just gone through some car issues and she was saying that she found herself thinking, "If only I had a husband that could provide for me".
To be crossed my mind too.
She said something that hit me and what I needed to hear.
She said that she felt the Lord say to her, "I am your Husband, let ME provide for you".
mmm! YES! He is the ultimate Provider, He is the ultimate Husband.

Cover Tune Grab Bag

My love for these guys continues to grow. oh man! stupid hilarious.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Stuff on Healer

Here is the story behind "Healer". Amazing!

Here is a live performance of "Healer"

There is a powerful website with this song and a place for people to write in prayer requests and praises.


Jesus, once again, came in power over the service tonight at church. He continues to weaken my knees and bring me to the floor. I had my last worship leader class (I'll have to post more about that later) today and then to come from that into worship through music and the teaching was pretty sweet.
Our new worship leader, Aaron Ivey from the group Spur58, lead tonight and he continues to usher us into the presence of the King in a powerful way.
We sang I Am Yours which is one of their songs, but the song that touched my heart tonight was a new song that we sang called "Healer" written by Mike Guglielmucci.
Here are the lyrics...check it...

You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease

I trust in You
I trust in You

I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
You hold my world in Your hands

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Jack!

HUGE praise... Baby Jack is going home today!!!! What a miracle baby!
He's had such a wild life so far...but a life that is most precious and is bring God MUCH glory!
check out their blog and continue to pray for them!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Completely Wrecked Out.

We have started a new series at my church called Money Matters.
Dude. seriously.
Check it out. I wasn't able to make it to church on Sunday but I just got done listening to the podcast and my stomach is in knots and I am on my face before the Lord.
It's intense. But good.
We are doing this three week series and then also meeting in small groups during this time. We had a small group at our apartment last night and it was SO good. 17 or 18 women all in my stage of life...incredible, beautiful women of God! I loved it! I met some amazing people and had some sweet connections.
So if you haven't checked out my church and the podcasts before. DO IT! I'm completely serious.
You can listen from the website or from itunes.
I'll try and post some notes that I took when I'm not all over the place and when it's not 11:30 at night!

New Blog Design!

Do you love it?! :) or hate it?! :(
I think I might love it!
You can get new blog designs at this great sight called Aqua Poppy Designs.

It's Hot. REAL hot.

Hilarious! check it out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Noah Mac

Noah has got to be the best dancer in the world!
We had a semi-dance party while I was home. It was mostly Noah showing me moves and then him making me do the move after him.
I'm not the best dancer in the world.
He had some great moves...
The Jig
Break Dancing
The Running Man
The Sock Dance
The Jello Jiggler Dance (that's what I like to call it) --Noah seemed a little embarrassed when I did this move...(hiding behind the curtain). Maybe I should be a little embarrassed!
The Leg Dance (not sure what it's called!)
And the "Word" Dance at the end.
Here he is...

Sparkler Dances

Here it is folks! The Sparkler Dances. For the world to see...
Rated PG.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Iowa Trip July 2008

I love love love Iowa.
I went home for 10 days and had a great time! I loved flying in and seeing all of the green fields and barns and tractors.
There were many highlights of my trip here are a few...

The annual 4th of July parade complete with random floats, scary clowns, a guy in a pig costume that violated Joe's personal space, lots of candy, The Shriners who drove around on their little 3-wheelers, ( I was just waiting for one of them to wipe out!)

Family Bocce Ball game. "The Pit of Despair" in Joe & Laura's backyard.

Family kickball game. We had team captains, Jack and Sam...the last to be picked were Grandma and the moms. The first to be picked...the dads. Of course! It was kind of funny!
Team names..."The Orange Pirates" and "The Green Polka Dot Cubs" If you know my family at can probably guess who was on each team! :)

Dancing with Lily Margaret, she loved wearing the tutu my mom made for her. She would get it on and we would automatically start dancing...notice I said, "we". We had our little routine down. It was lovely.

Fireworks, bottle rockets, snaps, sparklers, and sparkler dances.

Food. Lots of food. Pancheros, sweet corn and pork chops, chocolate, Joe's famous bbq burgers and hot dogs, Pancheros, Sonic special drinks (or not so special), chocolate, bbq beef sandwiches, TX Roadhouse buns. Yes...I really think I gained a good 20 lbs on this trip!

Getting picked on by my brothers. I call them my brothers even though they are in-laws. Joe likes to say that he's just catching up time from all the years that I went without a brother. I love Damon and Joe, even when they pick on me, they have both taught me a lot about being a man of God and the character that I pray would be in my husband some day.

Finding my old prom dress and trying it on. Actually this wasn't so much a highlight because I could not get anything zipped up. But it was fun to be reminded of how funky and cool it was. My mom made it and so no one else had a dress like it! It fit me and my personality...and it was purple!

Having conversations with Lily. She is so sweet. She will come up to me and say, "I like your necklace" in this most sweet precious little voice. It's SO cute! I love her so deeply.

Going to the Natural History museum. Sort of like the slip n' slide, Jack's comment was "The older you get the smaller it looks." It was great to go back through and see all of the different exhibits and animals I remembered from when I was a kid. They are definitely getting old...the rhino and zebra were having some issues!

Having a sleepover with Will and Sam.

Chocolate Marshmallow Mattey's

Photo booth. Seriously...hours of fun. But bring some extra undies. We had once incident...I won't mention any names...but I will say that it was NOT me!

Having an amazing breakfast with lots of green peppers with Holly!

Watching Barney in Spanish with Meghan and Guillermo. (and some Photo booth)

Having breakfast with some high school friends!


Spending time with Shadley. The first attempt at getting her nose pierced which ended in some Chilli's, fake sparkly glue on jewels, Sonic special drinks and, if you're not that hungry, an extra long chili cheese coney.

Andy and Jonna's wedding. My good friend Andy got married and I had the honor and privilege to sing in their wedding. It was absolutely beautiful! They had the rehearsal dinner at Kinnick stadium, where Andy takes care of the field.
We had fun running on the grass in our bare feet, Jamie and I did some touchdown dances. It was great! I wanted to tackle her, but thought that it probably wasn't a good idea! :)
The reception was fun with their proposal video (which I also got to be a part of, singing) and lots of desserts and dancing, it was great to see many friends!

One of my best friends, AJ, flew in from North Carolina for the wedding and got to stay with me for a few days. We always have a great time together and we got to hang out and catch up and she got to experience the craziness of my family!

I got to see one of my other best friends Joanna who has recently moved back to the states from Japan. I got to meet her boyfriend Mikey and we also got to spend some good time being goofy!

Kelli Burrier and her husband Marcus came down for the day and we all got to hang out, along with the Grimes, and Jamie K. This was only the second time that Kelli and I have met face to face. We actually met through Joanna on our blogs and we instantly became good friends! I feel like I have known her forever! She is such a blessing!

Texas Roadhouse Buns...did I already mention that?!

"Shoes" aka Joanna, forgot to bring extra shoes to wear so she had to wear her wedding shoes the whole time. We had fun giving her a hard time about it! It was great! "Shoes" is her new nickname.

Hanging out down at the Ped Mall, getting some Java House and chillin'.

Shadley finally getting her nose pierced and looking HOT! My favorite quote from her as the guy was sticking a qtip up her nose afterwards--"I don't think I've ever had anyone stick anything up my nose like that...I kinda like it"
Nose Piercings brings people together! (right Steph?!)

Watching Wipe out with my family.

Having a picnic at Kent Park with HyVee Chicken, Sterzings potato Chips and EL Fudge Cookies (did I mention that I gained a good 20 lbs on this trip!?!?) Playing another great game of Bocce Ball and going down the slides at the park. Actually...watching mom go down the slides...and climb the rock climbing wall. :)

Wii games

Having a quarterly family discussion on why I'm still single and coming up with suggestions on how THEY can make something happen. (actually not so much a highlight! haha!)

Seeing Cody and Vanessa, and getting to feel their baby kick! I think it was because Cody was singing "I like to move it move it" into the belly. I LOVE them!!

Swimming at the North Liberty Pool

Seeing and scaring Jenna in the card aisle at Target!

Noah's dance moves

I'm sure there is much more I'm leaving out. There were people I didn't get to see, which made me very sad. I always get stressed out when I think of trying to fit it all in...but I must realize that it's ok.
There will be a next time.

I made a video/slideshow of pictures and a couple videos of my time in's a good 20 minutes watch when you have some time! I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lily's New Dress

I really think that I have the cutest niece in the world. Check it out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back In Texas

I'm back from Iowa and back to real life in Texas. :( It's good to be back...but I do miss my family.
I'm working on getting my pictures together (all 500 of them...seriously.) I'm trying to put together a slideshow of pics so that I don't have to post them all on the blog. (I'm not using all 500 of them...I promise!)
So...stay tuned for that and some fun stories from my trip...and some amazing videos!
It was a great time, I always love coming back but also find myself stressing out about trying to see EVERYONE! So I'm sorry if I wasn't able to see you this time, it isn't that I don't love you...I truly DO!
I'm always up for visitors so you are all welcome to come to TX!

Friday, July 04, 2008


I made it. I'm here in the beautiful state of Iowa!
I arrived last night and my mom and sisters and sweet Lily were waiting for me at the airport!
Lily ran and gave me the biggest hug. It was lovely!
As I flew into Iowa I saw green fields and barns and my heart melted! I love this state.
I love my family.
It's good to be home!
Lily was excited to come to the airport to pick up "Emmy".
When she was asked if she wanted to come and pick me up from the airport, with a big smile on her face she said something like, "Emmy's heart is full of happy for Lily".
I love her.
Today we are heading to the 4th of July parade! YES!
I'm sure I will have pictures.
Stay tuned.