Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some Lovely Pics and Videos

So here are some pictures and a couple of videos from the Brooke Fraser concert.
Hilary and I were so excited...this is our "BROOKE FRASER" face!
Hilary and I with Taylor and Carrie
Hilary and Travis :)
This dude opened for Brooke. He was awesome. William Fitzsimmons. Go get his stuff. He's awesome. He has done stuff with Ingrid Michaelson (another favorite singer of mine). Seriously, get his music. I couldn't stop looking at his beard. It's massive.
It was funny...when he started playing there was a guy behind me that must not have realized how quiet he was playing, or must not have realized how loud he was speaking but he said, "Tasty!" (in reference to his guitar playing) and I turned around to look at him and he apologized! I said, "dude, I agree." It was a moment I think. It was funny!
This is me ready for Brooke to come on...
My friend Jami...what an encourager she is! I love her!
Here she is...the beautiful Brooke Fraser...
She was just lovely. She has a great personality and she admitted to her not being very she bumped into mic stands and hit her guitar on the mic stand. It was great. She's cool.
Here is a video of her doing a cover of "Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel.

Here is a video of her and Fitzsimmons doing a cover of "You Can Close Your Eyes" by James Taylor. I LOVE IT! LOVE IT!


Connie said...

Such a big hoopla over Brooke! YOU are a way better singer than she is!!!! Am I the only one who thinks so? Don't think so!!

Rachel B said...

Can you please explain her hair? Is she wearing a headband?