Thursday, August 05, 2010

THE Texas Roadhouse Song

I need to post this video...many of you requested it a LONG time ago...and now it's finally here.
When I went back home to Iowa to visit my family there was a certain incident in the car ride. My mom and my sisters had an art show in Minneapolis and so my bro-in-law Joe drove us.
All kids...equals crazy.
I feel slightly sorry for Joe having to deal with us girls. But whatevs. He likes it deep down inside.
When my mom and sisters and I get together things get silly.
This particular incident happened after our fabulous meal at Texas Roadhouse. (I LOVE BUNS)
This may not be funny at all, so sorry if you find it ridiculous.
My mom also would like everyone to know that she in fact did NOT pee her was just close. (yeah right) Enjoy!


Connie said...

So all you readers know, I don't usually act like that - I was tired and happy to be with Em and that equals what you saw. yeah. Oh my gosh, Em, I had a good laugh all over again right into a wheeze!

Laura said...

Wow. Mom.

emily said...

Just so all you readers mom DOES act like this...and it is often.

Shadley said...

we enjoyed this video thouroughly. Elly said, "Mrs. Berends!!! I miss her."

Leona said...

Ok. Is this "Peeing Pants" Syndrome a family trait, or is it contagious, and I have to be careful while I'm around Emily?